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Reusable, colorful and comfortable breakfast bags - More Than Bag

Reusable, colorful and comfortable breakfast bags - More Than Bag

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Preparation and packing a second breakfast to school / work, a trip can become a challenge. Especially in the context of convenience and safety of food handling. The goal is usually to protect against spilling, crushing sandwiches, deforming the contents and losing the original taste and smell of food.

Until now, only two options were available on the market: breakfast paper and plastic bags or lunch boxes. The first often do not sufficiently protect sandwiches and contribute to the accumulation of unnecessary waste (disposable bags and paper), while the second burst and take up too much space in a bag or backpack (and decompose hundreds of years).

For some time we have been able to use the third solution, which is> More Than Bag - ecological and extremely practical breakfast bags.

Packaging and saucer in one

More Than Bag Handbags Lunch & Mat it's more than just a sandwich wrap, it also portable saucerthat we can use at school, kindergarten, travel. It is a very simple and very convenient solution.

our packaging :)

Opening the purse can easily be handled two years old (checked on our daughter).

Packing the contents - sandwiches, fruit, cakes - provides protection, allows hygienic handling, and also allows you to put away the second breakfast in a clean place and get to it in a moment when the child feels it.

This is a very simple and much more practical solution than others available on the market so far. You want to use only More Than Bag and abandon previously known options!

And our gluten-free sandwich :) Whole :)

The outer part of the breakfast room is made of 100% colored cotton, while the interior is made of made of LDPE, which is easy to keep clean. It is enough to wipe the agent with a clean damp cloth. The whole can also be washed by hand - nothing deforms.

How are sandwiches packed?

Using the packaging for breakfast is very simple. Just place the sandwich in the middle of the unfolded mat and fold its edges along the fold line, then fasten with Velcro. Velcro holds firmly and makes sure that the content is in place.

Colorful, interesting designs

More Than Bag, Lunch & Mat bags were prepared from flexible material, all fabrics used for production were carefully checked and their origin is beyond doubt.

Breakfasts are provided colorful, have fun designs, ideal for children and more classic, subdued, which may appeal to an adult.

Polish production

More Than Bag sandwich packaging is in 100% Polish product. We owe the idea and implementation to our countrymen, which is a huge advantage of this solution.

The cost of one More Than Bag package is PLN 19.99. This is a good price, considering the quality, durability and intended use of the product.

Without a doubt, we award another title of Parental HITU! Congratulations to the producer and we highly recommend it to everyone!