What about my right to choose? The man asks ...

What about my right to choose? The man asks ...

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We have been observing for several weeks numerous social campaigns, in order to highlighting women's rights. There is a lot of talk about abortion, unplanned pregnancies, studies showing serious fetal defects, and prospects of raising a sick child.

Women talk loudly about the fact that caring for a disabled child is a difficult task, a huge challenge that is difficult to meet together, let alone alone, which is why the future mother should have a choice - whether to give birth to a sick child or not. Unfortunately, because statistics show that the majority of young mothers have to deal with the child's illness alone. Men often overwhelmed by the burden of responsibility leave. And not only when they find out that "the fetus is damaged", but also when they hear of a pregnancy they did not agree to ...


Among other things because they don't feel obliged. They don't want anyone (read woman, state) to decide for them. They want to have the right to choose, just like women. They do not want to be charged on the "family" face.

On their behalf, he decided to write a gentleman signing up as Vaim. He left a comment under the article on our site with a rather significant title: "Escape from paternity, or why men are afraid of their children?". The statement by a gentleman defending men's rights is:

"I have a topic: my ex-partner told me one day that she was pregnant. Simply put, without any major preparation. The problem is that I talked to her about not planning a child. However, apparently my will was of little concern to her. Hence my question: where does the man's right to self-determination about whether he wants to become a father? After all, any woman is able to easily lead to pregnancy against the wishes of the partner. Now she has accused me of maintenance. I do not want me to be a father - she applied for it in the lawsuit - only a "piggy bank". I do not intend to be or pay. I got rid of everything, I can even go to jail. The courts are walled behind aching moms. I don't give a fuck about a country that makes me fulfill my "duty". What about my right to choose? Women are fighting for the right to abortion. And men - they won't even write to claim basic rights: freedom of choice. Why is the window of life for women and not for men?

And what do you say?

Is that right?

Or maybe solving this situation is very simple?

If a man does not want to have children with a woman, do not just decide to have sex with her, because the risk of "slip-up" always exists? Or let him undergo a vasectomy that will permanently remove his fertility? There is also a banal solution - a condom ... Well, but it supposedly reduces the quality of experience, eliminates positive experiences - and this is like a form of enslavement, a restriction that a warrior cannot afford?

What do you think about it?