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"English for children. Songs to listen, sing and play together "

"English for children. Songs to listen, sing and play together "

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I decided to describe this proposition to you in the form of a booklet with 14 song melodies, English and Polish lyrics as well as musical notation and CD in this section, because I am convinced that it deserves it. The book has an interesting and original graphic design, and the CD publishes 14 melodies of very optimistic-sounding songs that you can sing with the whole family while having fun and learning English at the same time.Several times I found myself switching on this CD to improve my mood. My daughter also agrees with my assessment, as she jumps cheerfully and stretches out her hands so that I can grab them and dance with her to the rhythm of joyful sounds.

Although English is not strange to me, some melodic lines and the tempo of singing motivates to gymnastics of speech apparatus. In the set we have 14 songs: among others a popular song about the alphabet, about the days of the week, or Old Donald. Many melodies are widely known. Seven-year-old British sings them. As a listener, I can't fault the level of the recorded material. Employment of a resident of Great Britain for singing allows become familiar with the correct pronunciation and accent. When all 14 songs are sung by the girl, we have the opportunity joining in singing or completely independent singing, using the karaoke version available on the disc (all songs are also recorded only in the audio version).

Songs can be learned by heart, you can try to play them by playing them on home instruments. Take the record on a journey or simply joyfully dance to the sounds whenever we want.

Your child will love them animal sounds that you can imitate while singing, interesting topics, as well as songs performed in a variety of styles, including a lullaby, which a toddler can learn and hum to sleep. When singing together, this set will allow us to learn how to count, learn the days of the week, or learn English numerals.

The price is also a plus: 17.99 (in some stores the book plus CD will be available for PLN 13).

I would recommend!

Thank you to the Edgard publishing house for sharing a review copy of the book.