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Empty stomach syndrome, or longing for pregnancy

Empty stomach syndrome, or longing for pregnancy

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"I didn't expect to miss it. It surprised me completely. The first and second days after delivery, when I touched my stomach and felt that there was nothing there, that my daughter did not kick me anymore, did not stretch, there is no hiccups. Weird feeling. Or that, when I woke up at night in the hospital and desperately looked for a newborn baby, I calmed down quite quickly, seeing that the little girl was lying next to him in a hospital bed ... "- Natalia, mother for the first time.

"Sleeping ... doesn't bring tears ... a nightmare, unbearable longing for being pregnant. This is not just sentiment and recollection of pregnancy, it's just sick despair. An unbearable emptiness under the heart. Everything reminds me of this condition. I look at the shampoo in the bathroom and think that I bought it while still pregnant. I am in a shop that I rarely visit and I remember that I was still pregnant there. Music that I listened to during pregnancy, movies I watched ...
Everything that reminds me of pregnancy makes me cry. There are days that it is better, there are days that it is worse. Recently, it is worse and so I search the forum in search of women who are equally painfully undergoing "tummy loss" - wrote a young mother.

Does empty stomach syndrome exist?

The empty stomach syndrome is unofficial term and probably not described in the literature. Created and described by young mothers yearning for pregnancy, by women feeling irrational pain because of what has already passed - pregnancy and childbirth.

And here the question arises: how can you remember the extra weight, swollen feet, indigestion and heartburn with nostalgia?

It turns out that it can and even happens often. For many, pregnancy is a mythical state, an unusual period of great expectation. It's more than just a period in your life.

Empty Belly Syndrome - Do You Know It?

The empty stomach syndrome is not only manifested nostalgia and evoking warm memories, it can take a more "radical" form: reveal itself by turning around pregnant women, watching births in documentaries, reading blogs of future mothers and identifying with them, constantly re-playing files showing the history of giving birth on YouTube, placing your hands in a characteristic way stomach - as if pregnant.

Longing for pregnancy is also a strong need to experience it again - because of experience, greater distance and greater knowledge - to be able to better test this task. There is something else - the longing for pregnancy is greater if there is a belief that this state of affairs didn't get enough, that it passed too quickly, that for various reasons it won't happen again ...

That's all?


We miss pregnancy also for other reasons, slightly more selfish and often treated with a grain of salt:

  • because you don't have to pull your stomach in pregnancy,
  • because every day brings something new in appearance,
  • because you can often enjoy beautiful, healthy hair and a smooth complexion,
  • you can relax more and often use more support

Mothers yearning for pregnancy mention it as a blissful condition. And it's usually not about having another child, but just about re-feeling these mobilizing kicks.