One week in kindergarten, second week with illness? 3 steps to improve your child's immunity

One week in kindergarten, second week with illness? 3 steps to improve your child's immunity

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The child's immune system develops for several years. Scientists estimate that it works like an adult only when the toddler finishes 12 years old. Earlier, the toddler's immunity naturally exercised in response to threats. The more opportunities for exercise, the more resilience has the chance to develop and function more efficiently.

This process can be supported by wise actions. Here's what a parent should do - both curative and prophylactic.

Visits to the salt cave

The salt cave can be found in virtually every city, there are usually a few in larger ones. Individual tips may vary in size, but the appearance of each does not differ significantly from each other. Typical elements are salt, sunbeds, blankets, and mood lighting and natural music in the form of sounds of nature. Children usually like trips to the salt cave, because they can take with them molds, rakes or a spatula that allow them to play in salt like in the sand.

Salt caves are especially useful in autumn, when the often capricious weather makes it difficult to go for longer walks.

What advantages do visits to the salt cave have? Does rest in the cave really support immunity? It turns out that yes. It has been shown that frequent visits to the salt cave have a good effect on people struggling with frequent runny nose, upper respiratory tract infections, and are also good for frequent inflammation of the lungs and bronchi.

Visits to the salt cave should be treated as great prevention - the effects are to be noticeable after about 10 sessions. Visiting the cave during infection is not a good idea, because, unfortunately, salt can irritate irritated mucous membranes of the nose and throat.


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