Express menu - ready dinners perfect for travel

Express menu - ready dinners perfect for travel

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Is it possible to eat a healthy, nutritious, devoid of so-called chemistry package dinner? Yes! Surprised? It's quite a revolutionary solution, which is gaining a growing number of supporters.

Czech production. Shelf life 3 years. Requirement - storage below 30 degrees. The possibility of heating even in an electric kettle - just dip the silver bag for 10 minutes in the kettle with boiling water and it's ready. Special patented sterilized food - large portions of meat, well seasoned sauces and tasty soups. One serving is dedicated to two people, but is suitable for one dish for two adults and two children.

Soups are self-sufficient - we find meat, diced vegetables in them - all you have to do is pour them into a plate. As for the second course, it is worth cooking them with pasta, rice or potatoes. It tastes great - like a tasty home-made dish, and how it smells ... It's hard to describe, but the smell really rises throughout the kitchen. We used the dishes during a trip to the mountains, where the smell was nice for the noses throughout the house. I'm not exaggerating! I am really surprised by the intensity of the fragrance.

The Express Menu offer includes 80 ready, sterilized products - all are gluten-free and ready to eat in a few minutes. The offer includes both breakfast, first courses and second courses.

The manufacturer has all EU certificates, works in a thriving and unique way on a European scale. Lunches are prepared by chefs, not machines, from natural, fresh and high-quality ingredients.

The advantage is also attractive prices - the cost of soup is about 10 zlotys, and the second dish 20 zlotys. One package is enough for two people.

Manufacturer's website, here in Polish.

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