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Leszek Peszek and sneezing season + competition results

Leszek Peszek and sneezing season + competition results

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Leszek Peszek is an 11-year-old who is difficult not to like ... and at the same time not to smile because of his fantastic adventures. As the author describes - a "walking disaster" - almost everything he does is unsuccessful. Bad luck constantly haunts him. On the other hand, the boy is also extremely lucky, because there is always something going on in his life. He doesn't get bored for a moment, that's why it's so amazing.

I can't write more. For a simple reason. Author - Marko Kitti requires a secret settlement before disclosing Leszek's adventures. This is read and handwritten in the first part of the book (review here) and in the second, if there was no opportunity before. Therefore, only a top secret pact allows you to learn more.

For my part, I can write so much - the book is hilarious, light, interestingly written. You can read in one breath. I will not regret it. took patronage over this position. Like the first part.

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