Need to change children's menu in restaurants?

Need to change children's menu in restaurants?

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New research published in the journal Obesity suggests that it is enough to change the menu card available in the restaurant to make children eat healthier.

Researchers analyzed over 350,000 children's meals for the needs of the study. It turned out that after changing the menu in the restaurant (replacing fries and fatty fried meats with salads, fruit, whole grain rice, potatoes) children began to eat healthier. French fries were available less frequently than healthy options on the menu.

It was enough to change the menu to make half of the orders "healthy" compared to 3% before the change in the menu.


Healthier options after changing the menu were more often chosen if they were clearly visible, placed on the menu and not available on special request (then they were used less often).

Scientists hope that if restaurants start offering a healthy menu for children, more often families will use it, which will have a positive impact on the obesity rate in the country.

What do you think about it? Is this a good way to create healthy eating habits? Or maybe it doesn't matter?