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Errors on the menu that can sometimes cost health

Errors on the menu that can sometimes cost health

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There are restaurants and restaurants. This is no discovery. The problem is that when we are visiting a given place for the first time, it is difficult for us to know which "pub" is noteworthy and which one is better not to eat. We do not have to look into the kitchen, just look at the menu, and there are such situations.

Vegetarian dishes and among them ...

Example from a store. Gluten-free Rye Bread (rye contains gluten)

There is also another type of problem ...

While eating tenderloin with ferrets probably will not leave unpleasant consequences, the consumption of psuedu-gluten-free dish, which, however, contains the forbidden ingredient, is already dangerous. Just like the consumption of a dessert with nuts by an allergic person can be really dangerous.

It should be borne in mind that, in many places, service confuses gluten with monosodium glutamate, does not understand the problems of people suffering from celiac disease, they are not aware of how strong allergies can be and how dangerous it can be to eat a meal containing a "prohibited ingredient". Unfortunately, in extreme cases it may end anaphylactic shock or death.

Although restaurateurs since 2015, they have been obliged to inform customers about the full composition of meals, especially about allergens (Article 44 of Regulation 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council), it is still not the best in this subject. In many places, even waiters do not know how to prepare dishes in the restaurants in which they work, besides, the problem is the honesty of the chefs, who instead of preparing dishes from basic products use semi-finished products, which means that they lose control over the composition of the final meal.

It is worth knowing that the restaurateur is obliged to provide guests with the full composition of the meal, presenting it in writing.