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What are the surprise eggs today?

What are the surprise eggs today?

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Unfortunately, I'm probably getting older. The words: "it used to be better" until they come to their lips. And although I promised myself that I would never say them, unfortunately I have to ... Well, I'll go a step further: "in my time, surprise eggs were real surprises." And how is it today? I usually ask myself and my children: what is that supposed to be? And what's worse, I don't get any specific answer, just a shrug.

Maybe I'm unlucky ...

Perhaps my problem with surprise eggs is that I buy them too rarely? Maybe if I bought more often, my opinion would be different?

On the other hand, as a child, I unpacked Kinder Surprise on great holidays, certainly not every day, and usually discovered interesting content. Both me and my siblings came across beautiful little figurines, small figures, houses, refined in every respect, looking like hand-painted. And how is it today? Mostly some shoddy rubbish ...

Let's check the past

I decide to check it out. On the internet, I find a page ... where photos of toys from years ago were posted. For example, in 1994, kids could collect figurines of pandas, later Smurfs, metal figures also occurred in Kinder Surprise (see below).

Most toys formed a series. You could collect a few pieces and play with them in a short time.

Today, in the five eggs bought over two months we found only: a plastic "something" to toss one part, a plastic "ring" with a small stamp, a plastic magnifying glass (which had little to do with the magnifying glass), a material plane.... Zero specifics. Everything "for a while". Almost crumbling in the fingers, used to know what ...

When you don't want a surprise ...

It's true that if you don't want a surprise, then you should not buy an egg whose content remains a secret until opening ... The idea for this product is, after all, that "you never know what you'll hit." However, observing this product over the years, I have a strange impression that the quality of toys is definitely worse than it used to be.

One of the toys, theoretically thrown, is to fly ... Unfortunately.

Most of today's "surprises" are made of low-quality materials: plastic, fabric, without stickers and additional elementsthat could make you happy. Few in the eggs of nice figures that move children's imagination, few toys that inspire. In most cases the yellow packaging itself is more interesting than its contents. Too much sells, not enough good toys.

In addition, not so long ago, websites wrote about the fact that in Star Wars Kinder Surprises ... there are no Star Wars figurines. Although you buy four packs that tell you what the content is, it often happens that you don't even hit one figurine of the legendary Star Wars. I am not surprised that parents and children feel cheated ...

Too often, sell

Kinder Niespodzianka is a legendary product for me, which is not bought for chocolate, but above all for interiors ... Unfortunately, what was once interesting, today only raises my doubts.

I have the impression that today toys from Kinder Surprise are difficult to collect, even harder to play with. They land quickly in the trash can. They are treated as typical junkbecause Unfortunately, their quality leaves much to be desired ... .

What do you think about it?

In the past you could find iconic figurines in Eggs