It's been a year! We celebrate the first birthday of

It's been a year! We celebrate the first birthday of

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Beloved, a year passed quickly ... at the beginning, like every child, needed a lot of closeness and support from the originators: parents, and now every day it shows its temperament more clearly ...

What is striking? Courage in walking on thin ice of difficult testing of products, an attempt to speak in less popular discussions, honesty and joy of every achievement and typical for a child opposing the whole world. We say what we think. We write what we think. Even requests for softening statements and removal of unflattering reviews are not able to force us to what we assumed at the very beginning: we will remain an independent place of information that can be used by every parent, without fear that under the guise of "reliable testing" or presentation problem, reads a skillfully composed sponsored article.

You can write everything with us. Your comments, unless they are vulgar and do not cross the basic boundaries are always accepted. Even when the position of the Editorial Office or the author of the article is different.

We are very pleased that you are with us. We thank loyal Readers who support us from the beginning and all new ones who visit us for several days. Also to those who only visit here during competitions :) ends one year! Today we are starting a celebration that will last ... at least a few days. Are you ready?


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