What can we teach a child from books?

What can we teach a child from books?

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Books teach children. This is not negotiable. They are not only a way of spending time or entertainment, but also help in learning specific skills: writing, spelling, laws governing the world, or even instructions on how to teach children to swim. Which ones are worth having in your library? Below are the four latest proposals for children, adolescents and even adults.

"My magic letters. I write and erase, "Edgard

It is an offer for children from the age of four. Coming from the reliable "Captain Science" series, promoting an interesting way to learn by using picture cards. Includes a magic felt-tip pen and wearing pages that create an interestingly published item.

The booklet is comfortable, you can take it anywhere, also for a boring meeting in which we know that other children will not attend. The toddler can sit at the table and follow the pen included in the set on the dotted contours, drawing selected shapes, thus learning the letters and even whole words. "My magic letters" is a good proposition also on cloudy days.

Unfortunately a booklet not suitable for left-handed babieswhich, with a movement of their hands, can erase already written words. The downside is also that everything that we put on slippery to the touch cards can be erased with anything, without using a pen. This can make writing and drawing difficult and make the child quickly get discouraged by this form of entertainment. Plus, however, for the idea itself and for trying to suggest something else.

My Magic Letters sosrodzice

"Picture cards. Spelling in Riddles, Edgard

This is a unique booklet with picture cards, dedicated to spelling. Through it, we can teach the child how to spell through play, develop perceptiveness and visual memory, expand general knowledge of a few-year-old and his vocabulary. "Picture cards" are recommended for children from 7-9 years old.

The book is worth attention because of handy format, aesthetic performance, clear pictures and various forms of games: jumble or rebuses. Supports learning spelling, which for many kids is extremely unpleasant. The tasks have varying degrees of difficulty, and all solutions are available on the back of the riddle pages.
The booklet can be used during the school year to support teachers' efforts to learn spelling. If our toddler is willing to cooperate and likes to learn (there are no prejudices resulting from school failures), you can start learning spelling with this booklet even during the holidays. We highly recommend!

Spelling in riddles sosrodzice

"Teach your child to swim" by Bellan Susan Meredith

Very carefully prepared publication. Guide with many pictures, graphics and illustrations in the form of "operating instructions". Intended for parents of children from three months of age.

He discusses the ways of bathing the child already in the bathtub, by getting the toddler used to swimming in larger spaces. Is translating, what to look for when going to the pool, what to take in a bag, how to enter the water, and later: how to teach a child to enter by himself or jump into the pool. He teaches various swimming techniques and even instructs how to do somersaults in water. Is a valuable collection of many tips, suggestions and ideas for playing in the water.

"Teach your child to swim" is an excellent, reliable and very detailed guide to learn how to swim and improve this skill. Not only for babies, but also for older children. Because of discussing mistakes in swimming technique, even the parents themselves can use the textbook, paying attention to their style of movement in the water.
If you want to teach a child to swim, be sure that you do it the right way, be sure to check out this book.

Teach your child to swim sosrodzice
(we subtract half a star for language errors - assuming that the book can also be read by a child who thus unnecessarily familiarizes himself with incorrect sentence structures).

"I like science. From a grain of sand to stars ”Tomasz Rożek, W.A.B. publishing house

It is very nice to read a book written by a person passionate about the subject. In this way, it's easy to get infected with passion and willingly absorb knowledge. Tomasz Rożek is a doctor of physics, an expert appearing in many television programs, for example, leading the series "Science is Everywhere" on "Good Morning TVN".

Book it fascinating journey into science, showing that the world with its laws and principles is full of surprises. It allows you to captivate, move and even motivate to further search. The author explains many processes and phenomena in a witty and simple way. Shows how the world works. He explains that the senses we follow are not always a reliable and the only way to assess reality. As a science promoter, he does it in a brilliant way. It is a pity that, following the discoveries of science, you cannot clone and hire Mr Rożek as a teacher in Polish schools. In this way, it might be possible to avoid aversion to physics and bad associations with science.

In the meantime, we recommend reading to find out can dunes sing? What determines the shape of the lightning? Who constructed the most accurate clock in the world? Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water? The book is ideal for parents and children! Especially for holiday trips!

I like science sosrodzice


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