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"Yoga during pregnancy and childbirth"

"Yoga during pregnancy and childbirth"

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"Having a baby can teach you many things about your strengths and weaknesses. When you focus your mind and body on contractions, you will discover your inner strength. Childbirth is a path to discovering yourself, a gift that only a woman can experience. Let childbirth be your teacher. Acquire knowledge about yourself at every stage of dealing with pain. Your emotions and reactions can become the best source of personal development. Self-education during childbirth is an expression of your active presence and awareness. You take responsibility for all your actions. You are aware of everything you feel and you become an observer of how you deal with this very important moment in your life. "

This is one of the fragments of the book "Yoga during pregnancy and childbirth" by Dorothy Guerra. The author focuses on preparing a woman for a natural birth. This position helps to control physical pain and fear that occurs when a child is born. Guerra explains in a very detailed way what a woman can feel at particular stages of labor, how her body can react to everything that happens. And above all, how to deal with your own emotions, fear, loss, how to listen to your own body, how to cooperate with a child to give birth to the world.

The author, yoga and doula instructor, explains very reliably how to control pain during labor, how to include a partner in childbirth. Informs about the medical aspects of childbirth to make informed decisions in the context of the birth of a child.

Ksaddle is very interesting, also for me - a person who has little to do with yoga. It is worth reaching for it if we want to experience a pregnancy in peace and acquire knowledge that will make us more confident and aware of what is happening with our body and our child on one of the most important days of life.

Thank you to the Illuminatio publishing house for sharing a review copy of the book