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"The Sacrifice. My life in the Scientology sect "

"The Sacrifice. My life in the Scientology sect "

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Holidays are not only a great time to have fun. That also period full of threats. Children and young people staying outside the home are often mummyed by strangers by various "attractions". Among them an important place belongs to sects. Organizations that are very easy to enter, and from which it is extremely difficult to get out, not only for young people, but also for adults - would seem immune to this type of threat.

Secta - Scientology

"Sacrificed" is a story written years later by Jenna Miscaviga Hill niece of Scientology leader. The story is terrifying and heartbreaking in many respects with all the details of the process of recruiting to a sect that Scientology is considered to be, the process of implementing its members and entire families, as well as the promotion of the church which Scientology owes to, for example, Tom Cruise - an American actor and film producer.

In the United States, it is enough to register a church to create a labor camp for people in the 21st century, out of control. In this way, you can not send children to school by taking them to a collective care point, and devote yourself to a "more important matter". Exploitation, constant surveillance, lack of privacy - all bread is universal.

A true story written years later

A woman who after years describes her childhood and adolescence among Scientologists shows the truth about the internal activities of people skilled in brainwashing.

She describes how her parents devoted to the "higher cause", leave her less than a four-year girl together with other children for years in a boarding-house center and how she systematically loses contact with them when they are increasingly restricted to see up to one meeting every two years .

There is no telephone, all letters he writes are read, he cannot complain, because the parents in the sect themselves would not show understanding. Everyday, her work is filled with her work, even though she is a few years old, she is subjected to sciences that do not reflect knowledge about reality.

She is taught to read and understand complex texts, which in practice consists in the endless translation of individual words. Over time, he undergoes elite training (paid, because the church has to support himself), during which he screams into the cup or insults "his twin", that is, the partner in the course, doing everything to upset him. There are plenty of ways to spend time, all for a person not associated with Scientology may seem comical ...

Accordance with the law

Scientology, according to Jenny, strips of intimacy, does not allow privacy, feelings, free time, and at the same time its assumption are mutually exclusive. Still, sticking inside the structures and hooking up the career ladder, then back to the beginning on a pretext - it's an addictive process. It is very difficult to finish it.

Does this book give the answer how to protect yourself from sects? No. Does he explain how to talk to children to prevent misfortune? Neither. Is it read because of the language? Certainly not ... The author's writing style is undeniable proof of the stigma that the organization has left on her.

Jenna meticulously describes the life of Scientologists "from the inside", concentrating on very detailed descriptions, because of this her story can be a bit boring. It can irritate ... But it's testimony. A testimony of oppression, harm and lost time, which cannot be made up in any other way than by fighting for those whose sect wants to recruit. Showing them the truth about what the PR of the Church does not want anyone to know.

The most important thing in this story is content. Scary content. Helplessness of thousands of people who, despite discovering the secret of Scientology, are unable to break down the church's structures. Sekta exists and is still recruiting new people ...

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