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Zoos in Poland - which ones to visit with a small child?

Zoos in Poland - which ones to visit with a small child?

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A trip to the zoo is great entertainment that allows you to spend time pleasantly - children and adults. Everyone will find something for themselves. Fans of fauna can admire individual species of animals, looking at their characteristics, learning about their habits, behavior and reading about them on the plates next to the catwalks.

Young children will be delighted with the fact that they can see the animals seen so far in the books, and when they get tired of running from place to place - they will use the playgrounds or ask their parents for a souvenir.

The largest zoological parks can be visited on foot or with special vehicles adapted for this.

Which of them are particularly worth attention? Which is worth visiting? Below we describe the largest and most interesting.

We managed to be in all of them.

Wroclaw zoo

It's a legend. Known not only for the large number of animals, but primarily for television programs, which gathered dozens of years ago a large number of Poles in front of TV sets.

In the Wroclaw zoo we will meet about 900 species of animals, including 120 species of mammals, a rich collection of birds, fish and reptiles. This is a very good result - it places the Wrocław zoo among the top ten in Europe. In the park we can watch animals from around the world.


  • normal ticket - 30 zlotys for an adult,
  • reduced ticket - 20 zlotys person
  • student ticket - 25 zlotys a person
  • family ticket (two adults plus a maximum of 3 children) - 85 zlotys

What animals will we meet at the Wroclaw zoo?

  • flamingos,
  • emu
  • Nile hippo
  • deer milu,
  • red kangaroo,
  • African lion
  • Ring-tailed lemur
  • Brown bear,
  • small panda.

and many others.


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