Chocolate, gluten-free cake without baking

Chocolate, gluten-free cake without baking

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The recipe is 100% gluten-free, and it is tasty, simple and easy to prepare.


  • 100 g butter,
  • 150 dark chocolate (in the gluten-free version: Goplana, some Lind, available in Lidl),
  • 150 g gluten-free cornflakes (these must be special gluten-free flakes, generally available containing barley malt),
  • 3 flat spoons of gelatin,
  • 100 g sugar,
  • 2 yolks,
  • juice of 1 lemon,
  • 400 g homogenised cheese,
  • 300 ml cream 30 or 36%.


Melt butter and chocolate chips in a pan. Then throw the cornflakes into the hot mass. Pour the mass into the bottom of the springform tin and put in the fridge.

Pour gelatin into 1/3 cup cold water. Mix yolks with sugar, add cream cheese and lemon juice. In the third bowl, whisk the cream with a rigid mixer.

We heat the gelatin so that it dissolves. At the beginning we add a tablespoon of cheese and egg mass, then slowly the remaining part. Finally, add the whipped cream and mix gently.

The ready mass is added to chocolate flakes with butter (when concentrated), put in the fridge.

We decorated with candied cherries. You can also add fresh fruit and pour jelly.

Bon Appetit!