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Naked with a child

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Do you change with your children? Are you bathing with them Do your little ones see you naked?

How many families, so many different approaches to nudity. In some it is taboo. Something you don't talk about and which is considered embarrassing. In others, on the contrary - it is said that corporality is something natural and we should treat it as part of our humanity, without embarrassment or fear. Undoubtedly, the way we bring up our children is greatly influenced by the experiences we have gained from the family home. Sometimes we duplicate the parents' behavior, sometimes we try to do the opposite. However, our behavior always shapes our child. And how can different approaches to nudity affect its development?

It seems that as many studies have been carried out, so many conclusions were reached ... On the one hand, doctors warn against excessive prudeness, on the other, they perceive threats in an unrestricted approach to the issue of nudity.

Nudity as a taboo subject

In some families about sex and corporeality you speak in whispers behind closed doors or you don't talk at all. These topics are taboo. Making them is behavioral shameless, indecent, immoral, and you shouldn't talk to children about it. At least up to a certain age. Sometimes, parents are not able to talk about it freely, because no one has ever talked about these topics in their childhood.

They feel in contact with nudity embarrassed, lost and ashamed. They associate it with something that they should protect against others, which they should be ashamed of. Therefore, for example, bathing with a child, especially the parent of the opposite sex, is considered by them as something indecent, "sick".

A child should never see Mom or Dad without clothes, as it may negatively affect his development - they say.

Psychologists, however, explain that excessive prudeness of the parent can cause emotional disturbances in the child. By shaping the image of nudity in his mind as something bad, which should be strictly hidden from others, they cause that in adult life it will bypass this topic without coping with its own sexuality. As a result, it will be harder for him to build lasting, honest relationships with his partner or talk about "these matters" with his children. Children, without finding support from their parents, will start looking for information somewhere else.

In this way, parents dump the obligation to educate their children on others. Most often, the Internet, colorful magazines and friends from the yard become the source of children's knowledge about "shameful topics". Only should it be like this? Then you can no longer control what the children learn in this way ...

Modernity or shamelessness?

At the other extreme are those for whom the topic of nudity has never been a problem. Such parents they feel free to be naked with their children and see nothing wrong in bathing together, bathing visits or dressing up for minors.

Culture, religion and principles of public life in the country, in which we live, also affect our approach to the issue of nudity with children. There are many researcher opinions on the internet about how the sight of naked parents affects babies.

Some of them may cause controversy. It is written, among other things, that children who were tame at a young age with the corporeality of their parents when they grow up are less prone to aggressive behavior and sexual disorders. They are calmer. They can better control their desires, because nudity was not presented to them in the form of a forbidden fruit, which, as we all know, precisely because it is forbidden - tempts twice.

However, there are also threats in an unrestricted approach to the issue of nudity. Psychologists emphasize that the child should know the boundaries and know that walking naked around the house is not the same as outside. Should understand the concept of intimacy. Be aware that the human body deserves respect and intimate places are a natural part of ourselves. Thanks to this, it will be easier for him in adult life to talk about problems related to sex, and going to a gynecologist, for example, will be treated by him as something completely normal, which you should not be ashamed of or afraid of.

Okay, but how do you explain this to a little child? It is not easy. However, it is worth trying. Primarily you must tell the truth. Easy, without fear, with a language adapted to the child's age. Two-year-olds do not need the exact details of the anatomy, probably it will not even interest him. He does not expect such an answer from us. I want a clear, simple and honest message.

Recommended moderation

Among specialists, the prevailing view is that moderate posture is best. Nudity in itself is not a bad thing and seeing a naked parent does not cause developmental disorders in a childbut you have to be careful about it and don't go to extremes. It is said that little, if anything, remains in the memory of man from the first three years of life. It will not remember the sight of naked parents.

Parents often ask themselves: It looks at me this way, what it thinks, seeing me naked? ... A small child does not associate nudity with sex. He is as interested in his mother's breast as her ear or new skirt. So not much. Apart from the issue of feeding, of course, when the parent's bust turns into something desired, giving peace and security. However, this has nothing to do with sexuality.

Children also often undress themselves, regardless of where they are, which becomes embarrassing for parents... It should be remembered, however, that they usually do so out of sheer curiosity, sometimes out of a desire to cause a specific reaction, banter, for fun and this is a natural stage in their development.