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How do you go on parental leave with your own business?

How do you go on parental leave with your own business?

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Since September 2013 (in accordance with the amendment to the Act of 13 October 1998 on the social insurance system / Journal of Laws 2008, No. 237, item 1656, as amended), all entrepreneurs are available option of personal childcare. Previously entrepreneurial mothers and dads could not take advantage of unpaid parental leaveon which contributions and holiday time would be paid would count towards seniority. The situation has changed for several months. However, for everyone? Unfortunately not.

Only for sole proprietorship

Parental leave can only be used by the leaders sole proprietorship that is, those who do not employ employees or decide to fire them before going on vacation.

Activities and mandate contracts

Parental leave is available from September 2013 not only for entrepreneurs, but also people working on the basis of mandate contracts, agency contracts or other contracts for the provision of services.

At least 6 months insurance

Retirement and disability insurance in connection with childcare, persons with at least 6 months of insurance experience are subject. The condition is that suspend business operations or cease performance of commission contracts or other service contracts while exercising personal childcare. For a maximum of 3 years, the state budget pays contributions for social security (retirement, profitable) and health insurance.

Shorter insurance period than 6 months

In the case of persons insured for less than 6 months, as well as in the case of persons previously uninsured, the state budget will pay only contributions for retirement insurance, which means that in this case persons do not have the right to a health insurance contribution from the National Health Fund and cannot count on protection in the event of inability to work.