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Mini Mini occupation - results

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Thank you for participating in the competition organized in cooperation with the MiniMini + station. We are pleased to present the winning works.

Alicja Śnieżek sent a nursery rhyme and the drawing wins: "MiniMini Fish Hits vol 4"

One two three four,
our toddler wants to be a higher class footballer.
And all this results from it,
that my dear husband and daddy are crazy about football.
He gladly took Pawełek on his knees,
and the game was admired.
When I asked my son about my future,
I had the answer by drawing the other day.
Of course, Lata, Bonka and the company can't remember
but for toddler so-called the leg is sacred.
Dad and daddy play matches,
although sometimes it's a sleepyhead Daddy drags to bed.
And then in kindergarten it boasts
that his favorite opponents easily defeated.
The husband obviously plays football on the grass with him,
I have two players - almost real.
It's important that my son already has a goal in the future,
as a footballer, he will give his parents a lot of fun.

Karolina Obrzut wins "MiniMini Fish Vol 4 hits"

I learned by accident about who my child wants to become in the future. First things first.

Recently, the weather was not conducive to walking. Gray sky, wind, rain - in a word, we were doomed to play at home. One day I decided to make my daughter's teepee a little more attractive and prepared her Indian headdress. Then it went downhill - makeup, dress, wild dances around the tent ... There was a lot of laughter and joy, especially when I taught her how to make Indian sounds. Finally, tired of the slogan, we pulled each of our books from the shelf and sat comfortably on the carpet. After some time, Zuzia suddenly said: "Mummy, and when I am grown up, I will read a lot, just like you, because it is a very pleasant job. And you will braid me, because an Indian must have braids, right? Because I'll be an Indian, you know mommy? I just have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to make me grow. Children have great fantasy!

Justyna Zakrzewska wins "MiniMini Vol 4 Fish Hit" and a big Mini Mini fish

Little Ewunia, when she is completely grown up,
would like to take an elephant, giraffe and donkey under her protection.
This girl dreams of working in a place full of animals,
and with the "director of the ZOO" badge, she will be extremely face to face.
Although she was only a year and a half old,
the Płock ZOO has already visited five times!
Once she even caressed the snake and the bearded agama,
She helped feed the sheep and hugged the horned goat.
Knows every animal and knows its name,
what sound it makes and whether it runs, flies or maybe floats.
We are growing a real expert in this topic,
she inherited her passion from mother and father.
So who knows ... maybe someday MiniMini Fish will invite to the garden,
who, as the guest of honor, will announce her post: ZOO director :-)