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Emperor's request - a fad, convenience or maybe a necessity?

Emperor's request - a fad, convenience or maybe a necessity?

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Childbirth is one of the most beautiful, but also the most difficult moments in a woman's life. There is nothing to hide: this moment during pregnancy spends many nights for future mother's sleep, because how can you be calm here, when nobody has spoken about birth in superlatives?

Sometimes you can even hear in the playground how we talk about their birthing experiences, commenting this way: that it hurts, service in the hospital is terrible, that there is no more childbirth, etc.

It is not surprising that the pregnant mother, despite expecting the birth of her beloved baby, feels a panic fear of dissolution.

Emperor's request: when?

The woman who is afraid of childbirth begins look for another way to avoid the pain, complications and inconveniences associated with natural delivery. It is true that more than one mother thought that she could "cancel this pregnancy" ... but it is known that there is no turning back.

Other options are being considered, anesthesia - which alleviates the pain, but does not eliminate it to the end or more decisively: maybe the emperor?

We will save a few hours of pain associated with cramps, soreness, most likely an episiotomy. If there are medical indications for caesarean section, then we have a problem, worse when there is none, then it remains for us paid form of the emperor, which can be performed in private clinics and "quietly" in some state hospitals.

Emperor in the state hospital

You have to realize that the state hospitals do not perform cesarean section without medical indications, but if we find a friendly doctor for the right amount, we can try to "get along" as to the delivery requirements.

How much for cesarean section on request?

In a private clinic it costs about 7-10 thousand, which is interesting in many private clinics that there are no natural births. However, a personal request to a doctor receiving a delivery in a state hospital is our personal matter. There are various opinions about cesarean section.

It is often heard that women who, above all, are afraid of pain associated with childbirth or who simply have a claim attitude and decide that money can be bought for money without medical indications. After all, what is natural must be given to nature.

Do you give birth naturally? You expose yourself and the child

Recently, in the clinic, I heard a conversation between two women, one was pregnant, the other was accompanied by a 2-year-old boy. The boy's mother began to describe her natural delivery that was long and heavy. Suddenly, a pregnant woman interrupted her saying that she already has an emperor on request with the attending physician, because it is safer for a mother and child who can wrap the umbilical cord, lose breath or be born sick. And that she as a mother could not expose her own child to such dangers.

Listening to the conversation, I began to have doubts because As a mother giving birth in a natural way, I am irresponsible because I did not think about the good of the child? Am I a worse mother because I didn't pay the doctor for the emperor?

Most women give birth by forces of nature, healthy children are born and mothers decide to have more babies. On the other hand, there is the recent case of the dead twins from Włocławek, where the Caesarean section was not performed on time. And many others, when there was no medical indication for caesarean section, the woman had to give birth naturally and the child was born dead. Perhaps if this was done to every woman by emperor, infant mortality would be much lower?

Is it worth exposing or spending so much money for a birth to be delivered by caesarean section? Is natural delivery worse than cesarean section? Each solution does not guarantee security. Each has pros and cons.

When is the emperor inevitable?

There are situations that even require the delivery to end by caesarean section and in no way can anyone deny it, because human health and life is always the most important thing and there is nothing to discuss about it.

Caesarean section is performed when:

  • the child has an incorrect position,
  • is large (over 4.5 kg),
  • fetal heart rate drops
  • there is a large bleeding from the genital tract,
  • the umbilical cord will fall out,
  • delivery is too early,
  • when a woman's blood pressure rises.

Medical indication for caesarean section are also birthing diseases, including:

  • eyesight defects,
  • heart diseases,
  • previous uterine surgery
  • too narrow pelvis.

There are also cesarean sections that doctors do just in casebecause, for example, during pregnancy there were complications, a woman lost her baby during an earlier delivery, the woman giving birth suffers from some diseases, although generally there are no significant medical premises for the surgery.