How to choose a good kindergarten?

How to choose a good kindergarten?

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Recruitment for public kindergartens is underway. It will be announced soon in some establishments. Public, private and private kindergartens present their offer. They tempt with flexible working hours, extra classes, low fees as well as attractions.

Parents of three years old (or two and a half years old) may have a problem. Which outlet should you choose? What to look for?

At the beginning, an important note: in kindergartens and so-called zeros, there are no areas similar to those typical for schools. Therefore, you can enroll your child in any kindergarten that the child will accept.

Public, private or private kindergarten?

Although the matter of fees is shaped very individually, it is the general rule is that public kindergartens are generally the cheapest, private ones are the most expensive, and there are private institutions somewhere in between.

Public kindergartens are established and financed by municipal or city self-governments and are supervised by school superintendents and checked by public health authorities. Similar control is exercised over private kindergarten, however, fees are usually higher for this establishment. In both cases, the education standard of the Ministry of National Education is implemented. However, non-public kindergartens are opened by natural persons who establish a business or legal persons (companies, companies, associations, foundations, religious organizations). Some local governments provide their properties based on contracts to run private kindergartens, in addition, those running private kindergartens can count on getting a grant (usually around 50%).

Public and private kindergartens they operate for 10 hours, during which the child may stay in the facility.

So-called private kindergartens this is usually the most expensive option. However, these facilities must meet fire and sanitary standards if food appears in such a place. However, they do not have to adapt to the standards presented by the municipality from which they do not receive funding.


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