A-Pectus Cream Kosmed

A-Pectus Cream Kosmed

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A-Pectus Cream is a 100% natural nipple care product during breastfeeding. It contains 100% Lanolin, i.e. it has an identical composition to many products available for young mothers: Ziajka, Lansinoh, Medela.

The price of around PLN 17 is neither the lowest nor the highest. For example, a proposal from Ziajka (I remind you of the same composition) is available at a price of about PLN 7 (20 ml packaging, i.e. 0.5 ml larger than the manufacturer Kosmed). However, for example, a proposal from Medela costs PLN 44 (same composition, 100% lanolin). The differences in prices between products with the same composition are simply unimaginable.

Kosmed can help reduce soreness in the nipples and make feeding easier. Although not necessary, many mothers notice that it significantly improves feeding comfort at the beginning of the milky way.

The cream is available in a comfortable tube that fits in your hand and can therefore be easily transported in a small bag. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not take care of the packaging typical for this type of product "silverware", the same as can be seen on toothpaste and many creams. Therefore, you can not be sure that the product has not been used before it hit our hands.

In addition, I found a small error on the carton, instead of "best" the producer wrote "best". This is not a terrible mistake, but it gives the impression of little carelessness.

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