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Fisher Price music ball

Fisher Price music ball

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The toy is solidly made - which is probably a showcase of Fisher Price, a company that produces children's accessories since 1931. It can even be assessed as interestingly designed - after all, it is a matter of taste. However, there are three main disadvantages to buying it: price, weight and the fact that the toy does not attract the attention of the average child for more than five minutes. This is another crawling toy that does not pass the test or works only slightly.
We decided to confront the functionality of the musical ball with the opinions of other parents who had the opportunity to check the advantages and disadvantages of this toy. The list of defects turned out to be similar for each person:

  • weight - for a toddler who tries to lift and move many things around the year, this ball is a big challenge. A toy resists a similar resistance when a child wants to pick it up and treat it like a rattle - which is a natural course of things - the toy is too heavy and leads to frustration on the part of the child. This fact makes it uncomfortable and impractical in everyday use.
  • the heavy weight of the toy means that the child can hit it severely. While playing, you can't take your eyes off the child.
  • does not encourage crawling - this is also a very common opinion. However, here of course the matter is debatable. A lot depends on the child's temperament and parents' attitude.
  • price - the ball costs PLN 80 on average. It's a lot for a toy of such a simple construction and with such little elaborate possibilities.
  • sounds - annoying and too loud for many parents. However, this is a questionable matter.
  • the toy is intended for children from the sixth month - the age is chosen rather incorrectly. Most of the mothers that we've asked agree that the toy has a chance to really interest a child of about a year. The same fact was confirmed by tests conducted by the editorial mothers.
  • there is a lot to say about a dozen or so auctions with this toy - described in this way: "very good condition, hardly used toy".


  • toy based on the "wańki-rising" mechanism
  • the toy pushed by the child makes cheerful sounds, and the monkey balances cheerfully on the ball,
  • repeatedly falling on the tiles, the panels cannot destroy it.
  • easy to clean.

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