When a parent goes abroad ...

When a parent goes abroad ...

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A child needs presence to develop properly both parents. However, more and more people are choosing to temporarily leaving the family. The motives for leaving parents or one parent abroad are different. Most often it is work trip to work.

Unfortunately for the child, such separation from the parent is very difficult and brings with it negative consequences for his mental and emotional development.

causes failure to meet the most important needs for him: love, security, belonging. Can cause child's health problems (being a reaction to the parent's departure), as well as problems in kindergarten, school, with peers, with teachers, cause aggressive behavior, unleash various fears.


The child needs stabilization and regulated daily schedule. Predictability is important to him. If one parent leaves, this order is disturbed. Nothing will be like before.

It can cause a child fear of the unknown, feeling lost, misunderstanding. The child may have guilt, think that dad or mom are leaving because of him. Feelings of abandonment and loneliness may appear. Many children complain of various ailments. Occur stomach aches, nightmares, soaking up, nerve tics. The child-parent relationship is also disturbed. The child will not be able to see his mother or dad every day, hugging his parent, and conversations are often difficult. It can cause weakening of closeness, mutual trust.

When my mother goes abroad

The most difficult situation for a child is when his mother leaves. Because she usually spends the most time with her child, prepares breakfast and dinner, puts to sleep. So the whole order of the day is changing.

Children lack physical closeness to their mother. They often have some part of their mother's clothes with them and hug her to meet this need for intimacy.

When dad goes abroad

The effects of the father's departure are also great. Because dad is in the eyes of a child a mainstay of security and gives a sense of stability, its absence causes emotional imbalance.

Fathers find it harder to talk about their feelings for the child, they often do it through action - joint games, trips, baths. Therefore, when dad goes away and does not spend time with the child, he or she may start to think that Dad doesn't care about him anymore and loves him no more.

After returning, it is difficult to rebuild this close relationship between the child and father.

For a girl, dad is the first relationship with a man. If this relationship is disturbed, then in the future the daughter may enter into disturbed relationships with other men.

While for a boy dad is an authority, role model. The son who is without a father who is out of the home is deprived of the corresponding male pattern. Often, then, mothers become overprotective, which causes big problems in the development of the boy's identity.

Relaxation of discipline

In such a situation, when one of the parents is missing discipline is often relaxed. It is harder for one guardian to deal with raising a child alone, running a home and working. Often he devotes too little time to the child, or also over-controls them. This can result in the occurrence of a child aggressive behavior, falling into bad company, truancy, and even addiction.

The parent goes abroad: what to do?

A parent's trip abroad is a difficult experience for a child, so you should try minimize its effects.


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